The resume on DICE looks just awful. I will have a better one at the following address but it might be an older version until I update it.

Mark Nielsen
Mountain View, 94043
(650) 605-3753

I do not have a Word formatted resume. My most recent resume is in HTML format and can be downloaded and imported into Word.

NOTE: For the summer of 2013, I left my job to spend time with my kid. I can only work about half-time until August 11th when I can go full time again. During the summer, I am working on Hadoop, getting Hadoop certified, bought a powerful home computer for virtualized services, working on my DAD for Mongo project, working on a math problem, and working on my Mongo presentation which I presented twice already, but I want to make it perfect. I plan on not working the summer of 2013, but if something presents itself, so be it.

Summary: My goal is to have at least 50% of my job maintaining databases (Mongo, MariaDB Cluster (MySQL), Hadoop, and Hive) and creating/developing programs/scripts to maintain databases. This can include Apache, Nagios, Ganglia, or similar software. The other 50% could be SysAdmin or Programming, as long as databases are a majority of the focus. I mainly program in Python and Bash, and have done lots of Perl, PHP, and some other languages in the past.

Other technologies of interest are PostgreSQL, other NoSQL technologies, bonus on running Python in a Hadoop environment or Python being used in big data environments described in "".

I have also worked as a Systems Administrator and I have been certified in Linux, but I would no longer call myself a Senior SysAdmin because I haven't worked directly as a SysAdmin for 6 years.

  * Layoffs or couldn't afford fulltime employees: Nuasis, Yahoo, Ribbit
  * Choose to leave: CNET (but I loved my job), Google (didn't like it at all -- nobody liked my boss).
I left to spend time with my kid this summer. Plan on going back to full time in August.
At all my jobs except one, I liked my bosses and the people in my department. I would like to stay at one place for a few years. I don't like moving around.


LPI Certified

17 years
(UNIX 17 years)


ActiveVideo, Ribbit, Yahoo/RightMedia, CNET, Nuasis, etc. At all jobs, I installed and configured Linux for web, database, networking, firewall, and other services..

Professional Certification and
Core Certification

13+ years


ActiveVideo, Ribbit, Yahoo/RightMedia, CNET, SalesJobs, Adspotter, DataTronics, RedBand


10+ years


ActiveVideo, Ribbit, Yahoo/RightMedia, Nuasis, CHE-LLP, Boston, GUPPS project, AudioBoomerang. OOP and have used many different classes of Python. Author of listed at the Vaults of Parnassus (dead link now). Author of Database Administration Dashboard written in Python.

Author of Class::Inheritance

10 years

Expert (aging)

Always program in OOP, use mod_perl, and have used many different Perl packages from CPAN. Created a module on CPAN called Class::Inheritance.


4 years

Expert (aging)

ActiveVideo,AudioBoomerang, RedBand, Adspotter, personal project GUPPS. Always program in OOP and use mod_php.


7 years

Expert (aging)

Installed and setup database, programmed stored procedures, etc. I used PostgreSQL a lot in the late 90's upto 2002.


5 years

Outdated Experienced

Wrote OOP code to interface with Oracle and also wrote stored procedures. I haven't used Oracle since 2004 in production. I haven't used Oracle in years. I prefer MySQL and PostgreSQL.




Expert at : MySQL (multiple certifications), Linux (multiple certifications), PostgreSQL, Apache, Zope, NFS, DNS, Samba, postfix, nessus, nagios, ganglia, ntp, squid, vnc, yum, RAID (software and hardware), LVM, virtual hosting, rpm, KickStart.

Experienced at: DHCP, route, firewalls, cupds or lpd, innd, NIS,


Perl (with emphasis on mod_perl, CPAN modules, and apache modules using apache hooks), Python, XML, SQL (PL/pgSQL, PL/SQL), PHP3/4, ,PostgreSQL procedures, Javascript, UNIX shell scripting, HTML, and some C, C++, JAVA, TCL/TK, LISP, Modula-2, Assembly

Operating Systems

Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, MacOS, WindowsNT, Windows2000/98/95/3.11, AIX, IRIX. 

Web and Database

  1. Web: XML, ZOPE, Apache (mod_perl, mod_php, and python integration), Midgard, Netscape Enterprise, Apache, AOLServer, IIS

  2. Database: PostgreSQL (including PL/pgSQL and Perl, Python, and PHP procedures), MySQL, Oracle (including PL/SQL) , Sybase, MS SQL, Informix

Education & Certifications

  1. Novell Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) Sept, 2011

  2. MySQL 5.1 Cluster Certification June, 2009

  3. MySQL 5.0 Certification June, 2009

  4. Linux Level II Certification -- June 2005 Linux Professional Institute.

  5. Linux Level I Certification (recertified)-- 2005 Linux Professional Institute.

  6. (Attaining) Bachelors in Mathematics from The Ohio State University

  7. MySQL Professional Certification -- Oct 2004 MySQL.

  8. MySQL Core Certification -- Sept 2004 MySQL.

  9. Linux Certification -- Sept 2004 Linux Professional Institute.

  10. Linux Level I Certification -- June 2001 Linux Professional Institute.

  11. Certified Linux Professional -- June 2001 from SAIR/Linux.

  12. Certified Linux Professional and Instructor -- Oct 1999 from SAIR/Linux.

  13. Working towards Cisco, Solaris, Oracle, MCP, and XML certifications.

Minor Online Certifications

  1. Certifications -- Oct 2004: Minor certifications in Perl, PHP, XML, and Windows NT

  2. Certification -- Oct 2012: Minor certification in Python 2.x

Publications and Talks

  1. Written, not sure which web edition it was in for The Linux Gazette, an article about setting up MySQL Cluster on a single box.

  2. In the August, 2003 web edition of The Linux Journal, wrote an article about executing and transferring from one computer to another using Python and Expect.

  3. In the Feb, 2000 edition of The Linux Journal, wrote an article about one Multi-Boot system with 6 Linux distributions, FreeBSD, NT, and DOS.

  4. In year 2000, wrote an article for SysAdmin about using MILAS to install Linux and Windows onto computers from one SCSI hard drive to 4 IDE hard drives using a normal computer with 4 hard drive removable disk drives. MILAS was written using Perl (with heavy use of Expect), standard unix commands, sfdisk, and rsync.

  5. Have written 50+ articles for The Linux Gazette from 1998 to present. Articles involved programming, networking, hardware issues, installing, or configuring Linux systems and services.

  6. Have written 5+ articles for Linux Focus from 2000 to present. Articles involved programming, networking, hardware issues, installing, or configuring Linux systems and services.

Community Participation

  1. MongoLA 2013 conference speaker about DAD.

  2. MongoSV 2012 conference speaker about DAD.

  3. Created github repository (mostly empty) to put DAD software on.

  4. Using an AWS server to calculate Ramsey numbers for fun. Side purpose is to develop a good Python class architecture to use for DAD.

  5. Creating an open-source MySQL Dashboard which I made at all the companies I worked for. Now I am open sourcing it by creating a brand new version.

  6. Creating Python scripts at CNET to automate MySQL tasks, amoung other things. Eventually, it will be open sourced.

  7. Managed and organized the Ubuntu non-profit booth at LinuxWorld 06.

  8. Presented MySQL Failover Techniques at a MySQL Users Group meeting in Oct 2005.

  9. Participated in the MySQL Customer Advisory Board in Oct 2005.

  10. Creating the module to install and manage MySQL. It is available at the Vaults of Parnassus or here.

  11. Creating the CPAN module Class::Inheritance which is available on CPAN.

  12. Pay attention to the "YUM" mailing list.

  13. Write articles in The Linux Gazette at

  14. Attend Linux meetings at SVLUG when I can.

  15. Will release the Database Administration Dashboard to the public when I can.



Senior MySQL and Mongo DBA at

10/2011 to present
Redwood City, CA

MariaDB 5.2 and Mongo 2.0.6, Nagios, Ubuntu, Python, BASH.
Upgraded MySQL to MariaDB 5.2 on all MySQL installations. Using Percona InnoDB Cluster on some servers. Moving MySQL and MariaDB towards Percona or MariaDB Innodb Cluster. Upgraded Mongo systems to 2.2.3 and soon 2.4. Also involved with creating shards, replica sets, monitoring, and projections for Mongo Systems. Wrote software in Python to monitor Mongo and to administer Mongo which will be on github. Managing terabytes of Mongo installed data. On a daily basis, monitoring Mongo and MySQL (nagios, Munin, and MMS), setting up new systems, trying to debug why database queries are slow (MySQL or Mongo). Minor experience with Hadoop and Hive and am interested in pursuing Hadoop and Hive.

Environment: Linux, MySQL, Python

Senior DBA at ActiveVideo

03/2010 to 10/2011
San Jose, CA

Percona MySQL 5.1 and MariaDB 5.2 (soon MariaDB 5.3), Nagios, Linux, Python, BASH.
Duties involved setting up MySQL Nagios Alarms, using a GPLed Database Administration Dashboard (which I wrote), managing multiple MySQL installations, managing terabytes of data and converting the data into a datamart. Wrote example Python scripts to replace scripts which load data into our raw databases, to convert raw data into a datamart, archive raw data that has been converted to a datamart. The Python scripts are in a finished state to be handed over the to development team. Installed services such as Nagios, Wiki, Mercurial, and other technologies for our department (some of which may get used by people besides me). Install, maintain, and perform light sysadmin duties on servers. Investigating other database technologies such as InfiniDB and map reduce technologies.

Although my position is technically only a DBA OPS position, I end up performing Sys Admin duties, writing Python programs to hand off the developers for official programming, and investigate new technologies. I am directly responsible for pushing Python in the production environment.

Environment: Linux, MySQL, Python

Senior DBA at Ribbit

01/2009 to 3/2010
Mountain View, CA

Percona MySQL 5.0, Percona MySQL 5.1, MySQL Cluster development, Nagios, Linux, Python, BASH.
Duties involved setting up MySQL Nagios Alarms, creating Usage Reports written in Python, writing up Wiki Pages over Database Adminstration, creating simple Python Webpages for viewing activity on the MySQL servers, setting up MySQL Slaves, backup and restoring databases, optimizing queries. Created Data Warehouse and Report servers.

Environment: Linux, MySQL, Python

Senior DBA (MySQL) at Yahoo!

11/2006 to 12/2008
San Francisco, CA

The environment included MySQL 5.0/5.1, Linux, Apache, Bash, and Python. We had around 200 MySQL servers (including the backup data center). Our largest database included terabytes of data. We use MySQL Replication and Dual Master for most backup/recovery solutions. We were getting close to implementing MySQL Cluster for one database. We had a variety of problems which required unique solutions including the Black Hole engine, stored procdures, and mixed InnoDB/MySQL databases. Most of our time was spent implementing new tables in an efficient manner, replacing servers when they crashed, fixing bad queries, predicting when we would need to add more servers, and looking for new solutions to make our environment scale when data would grow.

Without revealing any sensitive information, I was involved with the data relating to advertisements (stats collection, prediction, analytics, and reporting).

Due to layoffs, Yahoo is letting people go, and my boss would prefer that I stay. I really enjoyed my time working for my boss at Yahoo. I was originally employed by RightMedia (Yahoo bought RightMedia shortly thereafter).

Environment: Linux, MySQL, Python

Senior DBA (MySQL)

11/2005 to 11/2006
CNET in San Francisco, CA

CNET is a media company with such sites as and I an employee as a full-time MySQL DBA in a fairly complex and large environment. I write programs in Python to automate DBA tasks. I write tasks to automate Backup, Recovery, monitoring, projections, etc. The purpose of the scripts is to let non-DBA's understand their environment and to push tasks to operations so that the DBA's can do long-term planning and testing.

I really enjoyed my job here, so it was hard to leave. I liked my boss here. The opportunities at RightMedia (which was bought by Yahoo) were too good to pass up.

Environment: Linux, MySQL, Python

Senior DBA (MySQL)

1/2005 to 10/2005
Google Mountain View, CA

Before I went to CNET for a full-time position when my boss asked me to come back to CNET, I worked at Google for a while.

Duties: Responsible for part of the billing DBA systems. Helped to design Backup, Failover, and Recovery documentation. Responsible for SOX, Backup, Failover, Recovery, Replication, implementation, and performance tuning duties regarding SQL server. Assisted with monitoring duties. Assisted with expansion from a small number of servers to a large number of servers.

Responsible for Sys Admin duties as well.

Environment: Python, SQL, BASH, Linux, and MySQL.


10/2004 to 12/2004
CNET in San Francisco, CA

CNET is a media company with such sites as and Wrote a project in Perl to convert data from Sybase to MySQL. Worked as a contractor.

Environment: Linux, MySQL, Perl, Sybase, Solaris, SSH

Systems Administrator

3/2004 to 10/2004
Nuasis in Mountain View, CA

Nuasis started laying off people and shortly went out of business. My position as well as others were cut.

Initially assisted and then took over the process making it easy for the QA, Ops, and Support staff to install Nuasis products. Perl was used to create a custom WhiteBox (RedHat ES3) Linux distrbution, kickstart disks based on the profile of various server types, and a web interface to manage those systems.

Perl is heavily integrated with the Linux environment. In addition, setup Python webpages to provide temporary tools for managing installations with a Kickstart server. Current projects include using a RedHat Satellite server and Yum servers.

Environment: Linux, Kickstart, DHCP, DNS, Yum, RH Satellite Server, Automation, Perl, Python, Apache, Oracle, SSH.

Perl Programmer

12/2003 to 3/2004
FriendFinder in San Jose, CA

Perl programmer in a Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl. is the largest personals website in the world. They have a very large Apache/Database setup involving many high-speed servers. The contract was a short-term job to create a Campaign Manager which their marketing staff used to track advertising campaigns. The Campaign Manager also kept track of expense and revenue and calculated the ROI for each campaign.

Didn't exactly know what this website was really about at the time.

Environment: Linux, Apache, MySQL,Perl.

DMZ Manager
Systems Adminstrator/ Programmer

10/2001 to December 2003
CHE-LLP in North Carolina

Part-time job (20 hours per week). 75% Python OOP programming and 25% Systems and Database Administration. I managed The DMZ (demilitarized zone) for CHE-LLP. This involves managing the computers and people, creating technical specifications for hardware, software, server installation, and programming environments, and programming in Python, Zope, SQL, and other languages. I support and manage all technologies in the DMZ as well as doing the grunt work. The main technologies I manage are: Python, Apache, Zope, Cold Fusion, Linux, PostgreSQL, DNS, Postfix, firewall, SAMBA (for backup purposes), Proxy servers, and other services.

Environment: Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, Python for Linux and Python for Windows, Zope, Cold Fusion, Virtual Hosts .

Technical Manager
4/2001 to 12/2002
San Jose, CA

50% System and Database Administration and 50% Perl OOP programming (and other languages). Job involved installing and maintaining web and database servers on a Linux platform. Programmed in Perl/mod_perl, PHP, Cold Fusion, Python, SQL and HTML. Created multimedia presentations using Flash, Javascript, and CSS to be used for clients and internal use. Managed Perl and Flash programmers and taught programmers specific tasks for certain applications.

Environment: Perl/mod_perl, PHP, Cold Fusion, Python, SQL, HTML, JAVA, JavaScript, Flash 5/6, Linux, MySQL, ORACLE.

Started GUPPS project in 2001 which creates Python, PHP and Perl modules and webscripts given a database design

Environment: Python, PHP, Perl/mod_perl

Worked on a PHP project for Adspotter as an AudioBoomerang consultant

Environment: PHP, MySQL, HTML

Technical Lead
9/1999 to 5/2001
Oakland, CA

50% Perl OOP programming and 50% System and MySQL Adminstration. This job ranged from a part-time job to a full-time job depending on needs of client. SalesJobs was a small company with less than 10 employees. Setup network and networking services, installed web and database servers, programmed in Perl for webserver. Managed and taught a small group of Perl and Web consultants to assist in writing Perl modules and scripts.

Environment : Perl/mod_perl, PHP, MySQL, ORACLE, Linux, Apache,Javascript,HTML,routers, firewalls.

Web/Database Programmer
5/2000 to 1/2001
San Jose, CA

90% Perl OOP programming, 10% other tasks. Fulltime job. Created security password application using PostgreSQL, Oracle, Perl, and Apache.

Environment: Perl/mod_perl, HTML, ORACLE, Solaris, PostgreSQL.

Technical Lead
9/1998 to 5/2000
The Computer Underground
Columbus, Ohio

50% Systems, Network, Database, and Hardware Administration and 50% Perl, PHP, or Python OOP programming. Fulltime job. Initially, built and sold Linux and WindowsNT systems and managed a local area network of 5 computers. Later, did consulting work through TCU for companies in New York, Denver, and Boston. Designed and implemented an online purchasing and invoice system for computer hardware.

Linux, Windows NT, Perl, PHP, Python, HTML, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ORACLE, Flash

Worked as a consultant for these companies while at Computers Underground

MonsterData and DataTronics

Web/Database Programmer
10/1999 to 12/1999
Monster Data
New York, NY

90% Perl OOP programming and 10% other tasks. Created webpages using Perl, Linux, Solaris, and Oracle on a short-term project. Projects involved organizing data for customers, creating invoices, and letting customers order the data online on a per-view or monthly subscription.

Environment : Perl/mod_perl, PHP, Linux, ORACLE, Solaris, HTML

Systems Engineer
6/1996 to 9/1998
The Ohio State University
Health Sciences Library
Columbus, Ohio

Duties involved installing and maintaining NT, Unix, and Linux Systems. Setup file, print, and web services on the NT servers. Setup a SGI O2 graphics workstation. Used Linux for DNS, file sharing, print sharing, web server, and as a database server (PostgreSQL). 40% of the time was managing the systems and network, 50% of the time was programming in HTML, Javascript, Perl, and SQL, and 10% of the time was administrating an AIX computer for accounts used by the medical community for searching medical articles.

Environment: Perl, PHP, Linux, Windows NT, HTML, Irix ,PostgreSQL,AIX.

Network Administrator
2/1996 to 6/1996
Columbus, Ohio

Part time job. Worked at QuickNet installing Linux servers. Resolving networking issues, writing Perl scripts, and managing services such as the webserver, newsserver, and the radius server. Wrote perl scripts to analyze data from a radius server. Left job on good terms for a fulltime job at The Ohio State University.

Environment : Linux, Perl,HTML ,SQL